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Crypto bum NFT


How did Crypto Bum come to life?

In 2017 a friend introduced him to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Going out of his comfortzone he started researching these topics. After a while he really believed in the potential and decided this 9 to 5 life is not for him. In 2018 he took a chance and decided to put all his savings in cryptocurrencies , but as we all know believing in something and understanding the market are two very different things. This bum lost all his money including his house and wife in the process.

Having lost everything this bum came to terms that this is just a lesson and is gonna do everything in his power to get back on track. Today coming from his absolute low and looking up to pioneers and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Gary Vee  , this bum is going to make a change for the better in this world. Therefor he decided with some artists to start this NFT project ‘Crypto Bum’ , a charity and investment based project where we focus on helping others , this can be donating to undeveloped countries , local foodbanks , decease studies or even gamechanging  innovative startup projects.

On that note a big chunk of the proceeds will go to charities and innovative projects , this includes a big chunk of the royalties earned in this project. This amount will be split 50/50. 50% will go to charities and 50% will be invested. The community can vote on which charities and investments we will pursue. Investment profits will be distributed to holders.

Not just wanting to be money for charities we will be actively supporting charity events. Supporters and holders will be welcome to join these events.

With this project we hope to rub of on many by doing good and trying to tackle some of worlds problems like poverty , hunger and decease.By minting or trading you support this project and together  we can turn this bum’s life around and make him one of the most respected characters in The Metaverse!


1 – Launch

Launching 7.777 collectible Crypto Bum’s in to the metaverse.

2 – charity

Right after launch we will start off with buying basic life necessities like food , diapers , clothing etc and donating them to local homeless shelters and food banks.

3- Voting

We’ll open a exclusive holders channel where all holders will get the chance to discuss and vote on which charities we’ll pursue and which investments will be made.

4 – meet up

We’ll host a exclusive Crypto Bum holders  party to celebrate this project. Place and time will be discussed!

5 – launching 3d collection

We’ll be launching a 3d collection and only holders of the original Crypto Bum’s will be able to enter this raffle and make a chance to mint one these beautifull 3d artworks. 100% of the royalties of this collection will go to the minters.